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My name is Sarah McDonald and I am a therapeutic licensed Massage Therapist. My passion is to introduce the health benefits of massage to each and every one of my clients, from birth to hospice, while also introducing them to the emotional and psychological benefits. I have always valued a career that's hands-on, allow frequent contact with people, and also allows me to creatively educate people about how they can maintain their bodies. Massage can not only help to relax and relieve stress but it can also help to restore the mind, body, and spirit. So here at Blue Serenity I use both my knowledge and experiences of massage to address the "whole"client. Believing this is the only way to foster and encourage change. 

You see, massage therapy allows people to gain control over their life. It helps them to over common challenges with work, marriage, personal dissatisfaction of themselves, abuse, healing, relationship issues, and unexpected life transitions. Massage therapy use different techniques and has an array of modalities. However, the goal it ultimately the same.

"To see progress in the body, growth in the mind, and peace in the spirit." -Sarah M. McDonald

I serve as a massage therapist because I believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts. And if one of the parts is not working correctly or if there is a void in the connection between each part, all the other parts will be affected. When people have imbalances that are physical, emotional, mental, even spiritual; their lives can be negatively impacted and that will affect their overall health. But when placed in the right environment, the body has an innate ability to heal from within. 

My client's needs and well-being are of the upmost importance to me. Therefore, I will continue to educate and properly care for myself. So that I may provide a massage haven that will facilitate my client's awareness of imbalances that may be present in their lives.


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